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Itinerary Builder



Find inspiration and ideas for your own travels from our recommendations and suggestions for what to see and do in many areas around the world.


Use our destination and thematic guides to explore an area more deeply for archaeological and historical attractions, other landmarks and points of interests.


Use our itinerary builder to create personalised travel plans and lists, to suit your interests, whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a dream holiday.


Find Places to Visit

We have a number of general articles, about a place or a theme, that are intended to give our readers ideas and inspiration where to go. These range from what you could see and do in 48 hours in Venice to seven reasons why you might consider a trip to Bulgaria. 

These are all based on our own experiences having visited the destination. 


Research More Deeply

Having chosen a destination, we may have a destination guide just for you. As all our content is based on our own experiences, we do not have all countries/regions covered. But we are working on it! 

Our regional and thematic guides allow you to explore a region more deeply. For example, our Italy Travel Guide includes regional lists of art, archaeology and history sites and museums; as well as a few regional travel guides (Sardinia and Puglia) and a Rome City Guide. 


Create an Itinerary

Our regional and thematic lists of sites and museums not only give you a better idea whether you want to visit a region, they can also be used to create an itinerary.

We have created our own Itinerary Builder to enable our community to create personalised itineraries and travel lists (such as bucket lists, where you have already been, etc.). A detailed explanation, including a video, can be seen on the following page: Using the Itinerary.


POIs - Points of Interest

Our regional and thematic lists are lists of points of interest (POIs) for that area or topic. This is what a POI will look like in a list when you are not logged in: a name, photograph, description, and buttons to click to purchase entry tickets, guided tours and other products.

Features of a POI

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